Sales Training

More and more companies realise that having an effective sales department is essential for the optimal growth of their company. The development of skills and the competencies of professionals, from the director and manager to each member of the sales team, is key for that department to work efficiently and effectively.

To achieve this goal, the development of the team is fundamental. From the sales training, through to coaching and mentoring we use a range of resources to achieve the best results with the sales team.

Development of sales skills

We cover every step of the sales process. From lead generation and prospecting to the closure of the sale - we are with you every step of the way.

Helping your team to create opportunities for sales within the marketplace we support them with their negotiation techniques, overcoming objections and developing rapport with clients to create stronger customer relationships to assist in  achieving your company’s goals.

Since 1981 we have trained thousands of sales representatives, team leaders, sales managers and professionals both in Spain, United Kingdom and Ireland to improve sales skills and generate more sales revenue.

Motivating your sales team is key to our success. Our aim is to inspire and drive them to reach their full potential. Consulting 45’s informative and supportive approach enables us to gain the very best from each of the sales team members. Developing behaviour change and helping sales staff to achieve their individual targets creates a sales environment which promote staff excellence and retention.

Listening ability

Developing your sales teams listening skills is part of our successful formula. We know that listening to your customers is a skill that sellers must keep in mind in their day to day activities. Listening is a very valuable sales skill which allows them to find out what your clients really needs, and to reach a much higher level of empathy with them thus developing quality and long-lasting relationships. In this way sellers can facilitate communication, which aids in improving the relationship with customers.

Efficient communication

If a salesperson has the best communication skills, the sales he/she is making will have a greater chance of ending in success. Seamless communication between the seller and the company, and the seller with the customer, facilitates the sales process giving greater potential to achieve success.

The ability to create improved communication enables a better rapport to be built between the sales person and the customer, which in turns supports trust and a good long-term relationship.

Empathy and trust

Creating empathy and trust with the customer is a fundamental need for the salesperson. We can give your sales team tools to develop in this area to help the buyer to feel much more valued by the brand. A brand which understands their business, and provides solutions to help them through your products and services.


Proactivity is the ability to know ahead of time what the needs of your customers are likely to be, and to provide them with solutions they may need. A salesperson who anticipates, with his own initiatives, what the client will request, will quickly develop a favourable relationship with that customer.

Helping your sales team to be proactive and to ‘think on their feet’ is a skill that Consulting 45 can help them to develop.

Patience and insistence

People who are patient and persistent are highly valued in the world of sales. These skills need to be developed in order for your business to succeed and grow. Discovering the full extent of the buyers needs can take time, which requires patience. Your sales team will frequently be faced with objections and overcoming these objections takes persistence. A sales team developed with advisory sales techniques and who understand the customer they are selling to will be better at driving and winning sales opportunities.

Planning and organisation of work

A good salesperson must have an organised work method and understand the principles of planning. Knowing how to efficiently manage an agenda and take into account all the information they have collected about the client is paramount in order to optimise sales calls and visits. Organising the products and services they are going to offer and understanding their benefits for the client, supports revenue generation.

Organisational and planning skills and agenda management is an area in which we will help your sales team to develop as it is essential for sales success.


Good training will enable a salesperson to have the autonomy to work effectively on their own. A salesperson works as part of a team, but needs to build their own autonomy under the guidance of the sales team management for the smooth running of the sales business.

We can equip your sales team with the necessary tools in order to develop this important sales attribute.

Move from vendor to consultant

It is important for your sales team are not to be perceived as ‘sales people’. Developing a prescriptive, consultative or advisory sales role will help achieve better sales results in the long run.

Having the ability to empathise with the buyer and find solutions for their needs is an asset in the sales team.

As mentioned previously, the sales team from the manager or director must have skills aimed at offering the best solutions to clients and achieve the trust and empathy needed to be perceived as people to rely on when buying products or services.

This process, from the step of vendor focused on the product to the salesperson focused on the client or business consultant is possible thanks to the mentoring and training sessions, as well as specialised coaching.


I have worked with Antonio for some years now and have always been impressed with his professionalism, commitment and success-oriented approach to everything he does. He is also very personable and willing to do whatever is necessary to produce the best results. While I was involved with NRS Media, I found Antonio excellent to work with and someone who is always reliable.”

Doug Gold
Director at NRS