The external attitude of the sales team

When someone is selling, they should behave like a perfect sales professional: their work should be well organised, conduct visits and client contact according to company procedure, be able to expertly advise customers and, above all, respond to the needs raised by the clients in a timely manner.

Lets start by the beginning. In this society in which we live, image is an important value. The first impression is the one that prevails and, therefore, must be consistent not only with what it sells, but also according to the client to whom it is selling.

In the same way, it is necessary to take care of the presentations, to have tools that support that the entire sales team and for that team to know how to transmit the same message about the company to its clients. We must always take into account who is being addressed, who is the buyer? Is it an existing client or a new client? With an existing client the emphasis could be on new solutions and for new clients it may make sense to take more time finding out about their wants and needs to satisfy their demands. Also the formative and sociocultural level of the buyer will define the discourse. Remember, the key to selling is that communication is effective.

Other aspects to take into account will be the ability to analyse the situations to be able to predict what the reaction of a potential buyer will be to a proposal, and whether it is convenient to do it or not. Offer the necessary information about the product according to the specific problem of a client and offer concrete and customised solutions for each one of them.

In conclusion: sales teams and their leaders must have skills that facilitate empathy and confidence on the part of customers. They must know how to adapt to different situations in order to be able to personalise the offers and that customers buy, and best of all, be satisfied with the purchase. The sales team must be highly trained and professional so that they can develop their skills and also acquire others that facilitate relationships with customers.