4 factors to consider when looking to acquire new clients

Businesses have to find new methodologies to attract new business and to get customers to buy the products or services that are marketed. New customers can be more demanding and selective. In order to sell to them, the sales team must be trained in specific skills. Understanding the habits and influences on your prospective clients can assist when looking for new business.

  1. Internet and search engines. Before acquiring a product or service, we all know that the consumer will consult information on the Internet, mainly through search engines. So when a purchase is going to be made todays client is well-informed about what is available. Your sales team needs to be at least as well informed as the client. Training your sales team in how to sell the benefits of your product or service over your competitors will be essential in gaining new clients.
  2. Social networks. In addition to the search engines, Social Networks are fast becoming opinion forums where clients consult about the purchase (or not!) of a product or service. Clients find out what other customers say about competitors products and your own product and can participate in open discussion. Training your sales team in understanding how to ascertain market trends in networks and how to refute objections from clients can help to boost sales to new clients.
  3. Specifiers. The prescriber is someone who recommends using a product, beyond the company that makes it.  These can be celebrities who are promoting a competitors brand, bloggers and vloggers who have influence over the purchaser. Training sales team members in being aware of the external influencers that their potential customer has can be essential in increasing sales revenues.
  4. Very competitive and segmented markets. With the growth of markets, there is increasing competition in all sectors. The buyer finds much more to choose from. Training your sales team in knowing how to address that buyer is key for a sales teams to work and fulfill their ultimate goal for the company: sell more.